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RateSeeker provides comprehensive mortgage and CD rate guides to Media Outlets as well as bridging the gap between consumers and the Financial Agents who advertise their rates.  Dealing directly with the financial agencies, RateSeeker handles the selling, billing and collection of advertising fees from the Agents to our Media Outlet Partners.  RateSeeker’s current partnership coverage includes 28 of the Nation’s top 50 newspapers.  

For our Partners, RateSeeker affords a turnkey solution providing Newspaper Branding, Co-branded Websites and unparalleled customer retention by presenting a reliable and accurate source for comparative interest rate data.  We deliver superior customer service and flexibility to all partners by marketing mortgage, savings and/or loan products on a local, regional and national basis.

For our advertising Agencies, RateSeeker delivers an arena where they can engage readers with their company name and logos, phone numbers, websites and licensing information.  We provide the opportunity to display the 30-year fixed mortgage rate and up to four additional loan products of the Advertisers’ choice. RateSeeker also grants the flexibility to select four lines of comments should the Advertiser want to promote other loan products or brand their company to the local community. The Advertiser has the ability to highlight special features or niche products.


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